The Finished EchoTapper Units

I ended up building two units. My prototype has ended up in a nice vintage looking Tolex covered wooden enclosure after I spent the last couple of months adding automation features to the basic echo circuitry. The automation version uses an Arduino Uno, a Adafruit I2C LCD and an interface shield to connect the various bits together in a nice Hammond enclosure.

The most recent addition, and hopefully the last piece of hardware to be incorporated, is a small interface board with MIDI In and MIDI out ports.

The Automation Version

The Automation Version – built in a Hammond extruded Aluminium enclosure

It's recently had MIDI added to it!

It’s recently had MIDI added to it!

The manual unit, front view

The manual unit, front view – it has a real vintage vibe with the tan coloured Vox Tolex.

The Ins and Outs.

The Ins and Outs.


2 comments on “The Finished EchoTapper Units

  1. […] just completed the wiring and testing of the MIDI functionality. In my previous automation Mark II box the MIDI hardware was mounted on a small veroboard and soldered directly onto the MIDI sockets. In […]

  2. […] Mark I – is a manual unit built on Piet’s motherboard design with a modified FET preamp. The modifications involve re-biassing the FETs following the work done by Steve Mitchell. […]

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