Monthly Archives: May 2013

In the Box

This is the front panel fitted into the Conrad Electronics Steel/Aluminium enclosure 520470. I’m very impressed with the quality of this box. The top and bottom halves of the case are 1.5mm steel with black powder-coated finish and louvres. The front and rear panels are brushed aluminium 1.0mm thick with flanges on all four sides, making them pretty rigid.



I’m Addicted …

… to building EchoTapper units!

Yes, I’ve started another one. This one will have the ‘works’

  • a valve pre-amp with separate input and output level controls
  • full automation using a built in Arduino Uno for patch editing and storage
  • RGB LCD display just ‘cos it looks cool 🙂
  • Rotary encoder for patch changing/editing
  • MIDI In to allow remote patch changing eg. by MIDI foot controller/sequencer/backing track player
  • MIDI Out for <not decided yet>
  • a foot-switch for simple Up/Down patch changing
  • USB for updating the internal firmware and possibly for transferring patch data to and from a host computer.

I’ve been gathering the parts over the last month or so and most are now with me. I have also been updating the Arduino software for the various new additions.