Wiring – Stage 2


Pots, from L-R are: Control pots P2, P1 and P0 then the Output and Input Level controls for the valve preamp, the input jack socket and the ‘peak’ LED..

I’ve finished wiring the pots and the ‘peak’ LED on the front panel. That should be the front panel now completed and ready for the application of the self-adhesive film with the control labels and graphics.


2 thoughts on “Wiring – Stage 2

  1. pietverbr

    Would shielding of the input/output potentiometers not a good idea? Seems there is room for that making the enclosure with less noise?

    I’m not sure but the Adafruit/universal I/O board could be joined by some nylon screws as connectors could creep over time. On the I/O board holes are there to fit the Arduino perfectly

    Great job!!

  2. guitarphil Post author

    Hi Piet, I will try the unit to check noise levels first 🙂

    That’s a good idea to use nylon screws to hold the shields in place securely. I will do that when I get some suitable bolts and nuts.


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