A Look Inside the Finished Unit

I’ve just completed the wiring and testing of the MIDI functionality. In my previous automation Mark II box the MIDI hardware was mounted on a small veroboard and soldered directly onto the MIDI sockets. In this Mark III version I wired up the MIDI circuit on an Adafruit Protoshield pcb together with the circuitry for an I2C EEPROM which would allow more patches to be stored but is not yet supported by the software.


This shows the ‘stack’ of Arduino-style Shields – saves a lot of extra wiring doing it this way.


The MIDI sockets and the Audio Out socket on the back panel.


This is the MIDI/EEPROM protoshield. I haven’t plugged in the EEPROM yet as there is no support for it in the software.

The only remaining job is to wire the foot-switch socket for up/down preset selection.



4 thoughts on “A Look Inside the Finished Unit

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