Latest Automation Code (Version 2.40)

Click the link below to download the latest compiled Arduino hex code (Currently version 2.40).

Get Code (you will need to unzip the code before you can upload it to your Arduino).

Note: if you are using an RGB (colour) LCD display you should connect pin D4 on the Arduino to ground (GND), otherwise leave D4 floating if using a mono LCD display. The code checks this pin at power-up and will use the colour features of the display, if it finds one, to highlight the different operating modes of the EchoTapper unit.

To upload this code to your Arduino you need a suitable uploader. Update 20/10/2013:  I previously recommended the Arduino Uno Uploader tool but it seems to no longer work so now please use XLoader which can be downloaded here.

By using this tool you don’t need to know how to compile source code, just connect the USB port on your EchoTapper’s Arduino UNO to your Windows PC and use the tool to upload the hex code to the Uno. The Uno will automatically reset and start running the new code. You can check it worked by looking at the version number given in the start-up message.Start-up-Message


3 thoughts on “Latest Automation Code (Version 2.40)

  1. hoadlies

    HI to ALL Etap2 Builders & others ,,
    Well PHILLIP CONGRATULATIONS to you for your time & efforts& expertese in Freely giving all this Valuable Info to all of us DIY Etap2 fans ..

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