Automation Wiring Diagram

This pdf contains a wiring diagram to show how to interconnect the eTap2hw motherboard, Piet’s Universal Interface shield and the pots and input and output jack sockets to complete the basic wiring of an automated echoTapper unit using Piet’s original FET-based preamp design. The wiring of the valve preamp unit will be covered at a later date.

Automation Wiring Diagram (pdf)

It is assumed that you will connect the Arduino Uno, the Universal shield and the Adafruit LCD shield by stacking them one on top of the other (in that order) using ‘stackable’ headers, with the whole ‘stack’ mounted on the front panel via suitable M2.5 bolts and nuts. This earlier post shows what I mean.

The Universal Shield mounted on top of the Arduino Uno. Note the use of stackable headers to allow the LCD to be mounted on top.

The Universal Shield mounted on top of the Arduino Uno. Note the use of stackable headers to allow the LCD to be mounted on top.

It is also possible to mount the LCD separately on the front panel and connect it via four wires to the Universal shield’s I2C connector (top left in the photo above). The Uno and Universal shield would then be mounted perhaps in the base of your unit.

This would be absolutely necessary if you are mounting the unit in a 1U 19″ rack mount as the Adafruit LCD will not fit as it’s too deep. Piet should soon have available a special LCD/Buttons kit that is specifically designed to fit a 1U rack panel which will also connect via the I2C connector.

Piet's rack-mountable LCD/Buttons pcb

Piet’s rack-mountable LCD/Buttons pcb


4 thoughts on “Automation Wiring Diagram

    1. guitarphil Post author

      Hi Japio,

      Apart from the standard Arduino Uno and the Adafruit LCD Shield kit, the only other pcb required is the ‘Universal Interface Shield’ by Piet Verbruggen. The kit for this will shortly be available. You can contact Piet through his blog for details of this. He can also be contacted on most of the Shadows forums such as ShadowMusic or Shadows Talk.

      Good luck with your project 🙂


      1. guitarphil Post author

        Japio, as you are in Holland, (So is Piet by the way) you can buy the Adafruit LCD from Pieter Floris in

        I have bought from him and he gives a very good service. Here’s the link to the Adafruit LCD shield that he sells.

        The automation software also supports the RGB Colour LCD display which is a little more expensive. We use the colour to show which operating mode you are in, but it works fine without colour!



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