Automation Code – Version 2.50

Steve Mitchell and I have been evaluating the presets that we supplied based on suggestions from Dave Robinson and we have concluded that, due to a difference in the scales on Dave’s early EchoTapper unit (1-12) and that on our own designs (0-10), that we needed to adjust our presets. This version 2.50 addresses that issue and we think the presets now sound much better (and probably closer to what Dave intended). We hope you agree πŸ™‚

Download the Version 2.50 code here

Also check this post for how to upload the code to your Arduino.


12 thoughts on “Automation Code – Version 2.50

  1. Laszlo Tonka

    Hi Etappers,
    I’ve checked pictures of Ecca’s first unit. Its buttons scaled 0-11 but potmeter seems can rotate only 1-11 (or 1-10?). Could check this someone who owns one?

  2. guitarphil Post author

    Laszlo you could be correct but on this ‘eccamatic’ belonging to David Martin, if you look carefully at the second knob from the right, you can clearly see it goes from 1-12. I myself doubt if the knob can actually cover that while range as it would have to turn about 330 degrees.

    Steve has enhanced the contrast and reversed it so we can make out the numbers πŸ™‚

    1. guitarphil Post author

      That’s one of Ecca’s later units with different knobs, as far as I can tell from the different photos I’ve looked at. As you say the scale goes 0-11 but we don’t know the rotation angle of his pots 😦

  3. Peter Nieuwenhoven

    Hi Phillip,

    I have downloaded the latest version (2.5), everything works properly.

    But if I create a new text, the first 4 characters are good, then I do not get the correct letters.
    They are strange characters.
    When I go to save the text, the first four characters are visible.
    And when I go to the last preset (Argentina) and back to my first user patch, the text of the first four characters linked with the last characters of the word Argentina.
    The previous version (1.2) I had absolutely no problems with it.
    Am I doing something wrong or there may be an error in the program.


    1. guitarphil Post author

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for letting me know about this problem. I will take a look at it and see if I can replicate it. I will see what changes were made between version 1.2 and 2.50. We’ve actually had Versions 2.30,and 2.40 out before 2.50 came out!

      I’ll be in touch when I have checked this out.


    2. guitarphil Post author

      Peter, I’ve not been able to replicate your problem but I seem to recall something similar did happen with me after an earlier update. Since the latest code is about 2 kilobytes larger than the 1.20 version I strongly suspect that the problem is the program code (most likely the variables) now occupies part of the EEPROM where your patches were previously stored.

      This may not be the cause (in fact the more I think about it the less sure I am that it is ;-)) but you should be able to clear the issue by re-initializing the memory (Press Mem during the start-up message) but of course this will erase your previous user patches 😦

      I am presently writing an EchoTapper Patch Librarian which will allow transfer of patches to the computer for storing on disk then uploading back to the EchoTapper to restore them but it will be some time before it is complete and thoroughly tested. In any case it will require an update to the EchoTapper firmware.


      1. Peter Nieuwenhoven

        Dear Phillip,
        Thanks for your answer, I put the old version back.
        Luckily I had the 1.2 version in another atmega chip.
        I upload the chip always on my external Arduino uno and then I put the chip on my proto board.
        Is it possible that I get the change of the presets, then I change it to my current sketch version 1.2.

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  5. Peter Nieuwenhoven

    Hello Phil,
    It works, I downloaded the 2.5 version in another Atmega 328 chip.
    The new preset setting are very good.
    Thank’s you for your effort and support.


    1. Phil

      That’s good to hear Peter. You are very welcome and thanks for your help with checking out the software πŸ™‚

      Was the other 328 chip faulty, do you think?


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