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Librarian Version 2.40 Released

Version 2.40 of the EchoTapper Patch Editor/Librarian software is now available for download (see links below) and is regarded (by me :-D) as the final release version with all planned features now included.

The big addition in this finished version (is software ever ‘finished’ though? ;-)) is the ability to re-arrange the order of your patches. This requested feature will be very useful for example if you need to create set-lists for gigs, making it easier to group the patches together and in the best order  for the tunes in the set-list.

Version 2.40 – 27/10/2013 (Release Version)

– Added patch number field. Changing it will allow  the order of patches to be re-arranged.
– Added error checking for bad patch number being entered and other user goof ups!
– Fixed bug that failed to update patch name, knob values labels after use of Get Patches.
– Re-coded the file input routine to use the embedded patch number (location).

Updated Librarian User Guide

Librarian Software 2.40: Windows 32, MacOSX, Linux 32, Linux 64

Automation Firmware 3.20 (required), Updated Firmware User Guide


Librarian Updates & Version History

As a result of testing by my ‘early adopters’ (thanks to Steve and Jurgen :-D) some bugs have been found and fixed and a few extra features have been added to the latest version (2.3) of the Patch Editor/Librarian. You can download the Librarian and updated User Guide here.

The Arduino code for the eTap2 hardware remains the same (Version 3.20).

Version 2.0 – first released (alpha) version

Version 2.1 – 21/10/2013

– Knob labels now change to match the current echo model
– No need to hit Enter to update the Patch Name in the Presets Drop List
– Heads/Program knob now shows Head Letters for Echomatic I and Vox Long Tom, and numeric values for other echo models
– Added ‘Use Letters’ checkbox to control the above feature

Version 2.2 – 24/10/2013

– Changed initial label of middle knob to “Head Select” instead of “Heads/Program”
– Knobs now have 11 ‘ticks’ (0-10 range = 11 ticks). I mistakenly made them with 10 ticks!

Version 2.3 – 24/10/2013

– Fixed problem with floating point numbers in EU format (7,62) giving ‘NaN’ value in saved patch files and ‘locking’ the Head Select knob at ‘A’. This is an essential update for anyone whose locale (mainly Europe, outside the UK) uses a comma (,) for the decimal point rather than a period (.) as used in the UK and US.


Uploading Hex Files to the Arduino Uno

In order to upload the EchoTapper Automation code (contained in a HEX file) to the Arduino UNO microcontroller in your EchoTapper unit, it is necessary to connect the UNO to your computer via a USB cable and run a suitable uploader tool.

As users (including myself) have recently found, the original uploader tool that I recommended no longer works. This may be failing  due to an incompatibility with the version of .NET installed on the users pc.

I am now recommending users to download and use XLoader and use that to upload the code to your EchoTapper. XLoader can be downloaded here.

These are the default settings for the Uno and they seemed to work fine.


When you run it choose the Uno option from the Device list, select the COM Port that your Uno is connected to, leave the Baud rate at the default (115200) and click the … button to browse to the hex file you wish to upload, then click the Upload button and a few seconds later your software will have been updated and the EchoTapper will restart – check the version number displayed to make sure everything went ok.

Patch Editor/Librarian Program for EchoTapper Units

Please use the Latest Updates Here link in the banner above, rather than the out of date links below.

Update 24th October 2013: Some bug fixes and extra features added. The links below now point to the latest Version (2.3) of the Editor/Librarian. The EchoTapper Version 3.20 Arduino code has not been changed so there’s no need to update your eTap2HW hardware. I’m looking for anyone using my Automation software with their eTap2HW-based echo units to try out this preliminary release of a software application which I am calling the EchoTapper Patch Editor/Librarian. I have written it in response to a number of requests from users of my automation code to enable them to back-up and re-arrange their User Patches, for example to create personal set lists. Although not yet having all the planned features included, the current version allows patches to be transferred to and from the eTap2HW via the USB connector on the Arduino Uno, and it also allows them to be saved to and loaded from disc. In it’s Editor role the software allows patches to be renamed and fully edited, for example, by changing the echo model and adjusting the echo parameters. It simulates the three main knobs on the ‘real’ eTap2HW control panel. ScreenShot#2 In order to use the Librarian with your eTap2HW you will need to upgrade the EchoTapper automation software to version 3.20 or later. The Librarian requires you to have Java installed on your computer and versions of the Librarian are available for Windows 32, MacOS X and Linux. As I don’t have access to MacOS X or Linux, these versions have not been tested yet and the Windows version has only been tested on Windows XP Professional. I would appreciate feedback on the software running on any of these operating systems so if you are able to help please download the relevant version and leave your feedback in a comment, remembering to state what OS you are using and details of your experiences and suggestions for improvements, if any. Thanks and enjoy 🙂 Philip Librarian User Guide Automation Software Version 3.20 (There seems to be a problem with the old upload tool I previously recommended so please try XLoader which is available here and is very simple to use.) Librarian Windows Version Librarian Mac OS X Version (NB Please read the readme file for important information to enable it to run on the Mac) Librarian Linux 32 Version Librarian Linux 64 Version

The Modified Presets

For those who would like to update to the current presets without changing to the latest automation software here are the revised settings for each of the original presets. You can use Basic or Advanced Editing to modify the original settings in the User Patches. Basic edit is sufficient as we didn’t change any of the Echo Model settings or patch names.

APACHE 0 115 C 0
FBI 0 115 C 92
MUSTANG 0 115 C 92
MAN OF MYSTERY 0 139 C 115
MIDNIGHT 0 139 E 115
Q M S 0 115 A 69
SHADOOGIE 5 46 92 46
WONDERFUL LAND 5 92 139 92
KON TIKI 5 92 139 115
THE SAVAGE 5 92 139 115
ATLANTIS 5 92 139 92
PEACE PIPE 5 92 139 115
COSY 0 115 E 115
SHINDIG 4 69 C 46
FOOT TAPPER 5 46 92 46
SLEEPWALK 5 69 115 92
RIDERS IN THE SKY 6 92 69 46
DEER HUNTER 6 139 115 115
ARGENTINA 6 115 115 92