Uploading Hex Files to the Arduino Uno

In order to upload the EchoTapper Automation code (contained in a HEX file) to the Arduino UNO microcontroller in your EchoTapper unit, it is necessary to connect the UNO to your computer via a USB cable and run a suitable uploader tool.

As users (including myself) have recently found, the original uploader tool that I recommended no longer works. This may be failing  due to an incompatibility with the version of .NET installed on the users pc.

I am now recommending users to download and use XLoader and use that to upload the code to your EchoTapper. XLoader can be downloaded here.

These are the default settings for the Uno and they seemed to work fine.


When you run it choose the Uno option from the Device list, select the COM Port that your Uno is connected to, leave the Baud rate at the default (115200) and click the … button to browse to the hex file you wish to upload, then click the Upload button and a few seconds later your software will have been updated and the EchoTapper will restart – check the version number displayed to make sure everything went ok.


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