Librarian Updates & Version History

As a result of testing by my ‘early adopters’ (thanks to Steve and Jurgen :-D) some bugs have been found and fixed and a few extra features have been added to the latest version (2.3) of the Patch Editor/Librarian. You can download the Librarian and updated User Guide here.

The Arduino code for the eTap2 hardware remains the same (Version 3.20).

Version 2.0 – first released (alpha) version

Version 2.1 – 21/10/2013

– Knob labels now change to match the current echo model
– No need to hit Enter to update the Patch Name in the Presets Drop List
– Heads/Program knob now shows Head Letters for Echomatic I and Vox Long Tom, and numeric values for other echo models
– Added ‘Use Letters’ checkbox to control the above feature

Version 2.2 – 24/10/2013

– Changed initial label of middle knob to “Head Select” instead of “Heads/Program”
– Knobs now have 11 ‘ticks’ (0-10 range = 11 ticks). I mistakenly made them with 10 ticks!

Version 2.3 – 24/10/2013

– Fixed problem with floating point numbers in EU format (7,62) giving ‘NaN’ value in saved patch files and ‘locking’ the Head Select knob at ‘A’. This is an essential update for anyone whose locale (mainly Europe, outside the UK) uses a comma (,) for the decimal point rather than a period (.) as used in the UK and US.



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