Librarian Version 2.40 Released

Version 2.40 of the EchoTapper Patch Editor/Librarian software is now available for download (see links below) and is regarded (by me :-D) as the final release version with all planned features now included.

The big addition in this finished version (is software ever ‘finished’ though? ;-)) is the ability to re-arrange the order of your patches. This requested feature will be very useful for example if you need to create set-lists for gigs, making it easier to group the patches together and in the best order  for the tunes in the set-list.

Version 2.40 – 27/10/2013 (Release Version)

– Added patch number field. Changing it will allow  the order of patches to be re-arranged.
– Added error checking for bad patch number being entered and other user goof ups!
– Fixed bug that failed to update patch name, knob values labels after use of Get Patches.
– Re-coded the file input routine to use the embedded patch number (location).

Updated Librarian User Guide

Librarian Software 2.40: Windows 32, MacOSX, Linux 32, Linux 64

Automation Firmware 3.20 (required), Updated Firmware User Guide


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