Automation Firmware 3.21

This is a minor improvement to the Automation firmware (software) for the Arduino in your EchoTapper. Taking up a useful suggestion from my Finnish friend Rolf Holmberg, I have changed the number range displayed for the Mix, Program and Feedback knobs, when editing a patch in either the Basic Editor or Advanced Editor modes..

Previously the values were displayed using a range of 0-255 but now the values are shown in a 0-100 range. This should make it a little easier to ‘translate’ from a patch setting to a knob position on a non-automated eTap2HW and vice versa. For example if someone says “I set Feedback to 3.5 for that tune” you can use a value of 35 when setting up a similar patch.

Firmware Version 3.21


5 thoughts on “Automation Firmware 3.21

  1. BC

    Hello Super work ! is it possible to get the connection diagram from the arduino to the eTap2hw (arduino pins you are using ?)

      1. BC

        Hello guitarphil thank you but that is not what i need…
        I ordered the universal shield from Piet but have to wait 3 weeks 🙂
        So to quickly test my setup “dead bug style” i need to know the arduino pins that the E2HW connector connects to via diodes & snubber networks. In the automation firmware code the “translation” of these arduino pins should be clearly defined that is why i’m asking here …

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