Wiring of panel-mounted switches to the LCD Shield


The front panel of my Valve EchoTapper with rotary encoder (on stripboard) and four push-button switches. The Up and Down buttons could actually be left out.

The Adafruit LCD Shield kit which is used in my automation project  is supplied with pcb mounting tactile switches but they are too short to protrude through the front panel with the lcd mounted in the enclosure. Switches with extra-long actuators can be purchased to replace them but I have concerns about the long-term reliability of these little tactile switches so I opted to replace them with off-board panel mounted switches when I built my Valve EchoTapper.

A couple of builders have asked for the details of how to wire them to the LCD Shield so I’ve prepared a document to show how I’ve done it.

Click here to download the instructions as a pdf file.


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