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Automation is beginning to take off in the EchoTapper world and some excellent units are already completed or will be soon. If you send me some photos and details of your project I’d love to feature them on my blog here. Hopefully this will encourage other EchoTappers to ‘take the plunge’ and add automation to their own projects.

Rolf Holmberg kindly sent me some photos of his excellent  Valve EchoTapper which uses my automation code. He has made a superb-looking unit, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Steve Mitchell was one the very early adopters of the automation and he also made some very useful contributions to the development of the code (which I based on work originally done by Johan Forrer in the United States). Steve has also been instrumental in optimizing the performance of the eTap2hw FET preamp which was designed by Piet Verbruggen, the creator of the eTap2’s DSP code, along with some suggestions from ChrisG.

Johan Forrer’s original automation code forms the basis from which I developed the current system. Johan has himself produced a hybrid unit which uses valves and an FET circuit to produce very authentic-sounding results, as you can hear if you check out his examples on SoundCloud.


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