Firmware Update: Version 3.26

A couple of bugs have turned up and been eradicated in this latest update:

  1. A bug in manual mode  that prevented the correct values for the ‘Program’ control setting from being sent to the echo module for emulations using the ‘Heads’ settings A, B, C, E and F. Thanks to Rolf for spotting this one.
  2. A bug that caused the LCD to not refresh the patch name on exiting the Advanced Editor when User Patch #0 had been edited.

You can download Version 3.26 with these fixes here.


3 thoughts on “Firmware Update: Version 3.26

      1. guitarphil Post author

        PS Henri Claude this only updates the automation firmware. It won’t give you the halo effect as that is part of the eTap2 SKRM echo module.

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