Mailing List for Blue Nebula Info


The sign-up form for the Blue Nebula mailing list is now on the Stanley-FX website.

If you’re interested in receiving the latest information on the Blue Nebula, including availability and prices, just click on the ‘Mailing list’ link, fill in the form and click ‘Subscribe’.

(If you’ve already filled in the contact form on the ‘The Last Stage …’ page here on my blog there’s no need to subscribe  again as I’ve already added you to the list).

I promise you won’t be bombarded by emails about anything else or from anyone else, just relevant information about the Blue Nebula pedal that you’ve already expressed an interest in.

Joining the list doesn’t commit you to purchasing anything and you can unsubscribe at any time.


2 thoughts on “Mailing List for Blue Nebula Info

  1. Keith Mantle

    Hi Mick, I missed the first batch of BN’s, please include me for second batch, I have sent you a email as well, thanks Keith (Hankies Eccamatic 2 valve)

  2. guitarphil Post author

    Hi Keith, Phil here. As this is actually my personal blog, you’d be better contacting Mick directly through the Contact form on his Stanley FX website but if you’ve already emailed him directly I’m sure he’ll be able to sort you as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,



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