Blue Nebula Demo Recordings

Naturally a number of you have been asking where/when you can hear some demos of the Blue Nebula. Thanks to Steve Reynolds and Alan Simm for permission to post these links to their excellent recordings made using their Blue Nebula pedals.

Update: Two more Blue Nebula tunes. These are from Tonnie Tijssen – scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Enjoy 🙂

Wonderful Land (Alan)

Fields of Gold (Alan)

Blue Star (Alan)

Yesterday Once More (Alan)

California Blue (Steve)

In a Persian Market (Steve)

Fairytale (Steve)

What a Wonderful World (Steve)

Iggle Piggle (Steve)

Buganvilla (Tonnie)

Till (Tonnie)


4 thoughts on “Blue Nebula Demo Recordings

  1. deadlands

    Just got my Blue Nebula and wondering if it’s possible to get more repeats out of the Echomatic settings. Even at 100 on the knob, I feel like there isn’t enough feedback for lingering echoes. Also, the Binson models definitely need more feedback. The reverby quality of the echorec echoes demand more available feedback. Is this doable, even if I have to modify the algorithms myself?

    I don’t play Shadows tunes, but I love using these styles of echoes for my psychedelic instrumental music and I like having lots of feedback available for atmospheric parts.

    1. guitarphil Post author

      Hi (sorry I don’t know your name),

      At the moment the Binson models have been deliberately coded so that they can’t go into feedback but Steve, who wrote the DSP code, is still working on other variations and I’ll pass on your comments to him. It’s possible he could increase the feedback levels on the Binson models for you to try.

      It’s unlikely we would change the feedback on the Echomatic models as they are meant to accurately represent the real machines and users have already invested a lot of time creating patches using them.


      1. deadlands

        Hi Phil,

        You now know my name, but it’s Travis for the rest of the group. I understand about the Echomatic models. I know the originals didn’t have feedback adjustment and what a mess if something is changed and it effects all the presets people have come up with. My thinking was that it would increase the versatility of the NB and could appeal to wider audience.

        I’ll keep my eye out for the Echorec tweaks if they happen.

        Thank you!

  2. Tonnie

    Hello Phil
    I think it’s a good idea to self-adjust the Feet Back,
    such as (dead land) substituent
    It seems to me nicely to create itself.
    So I love also recommended this to me.
    Many greetings from me.


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