Blue Nebula Instructional Videos

A few short videos I put together to show how to use the Blue Nebula and it’s Librarian software.

Blue Nebula

Start-up Options

Using the Manual Mode

Patch Editing

Librarian Features

Backing up and Restoring Patches

Arranging a Setlist


8 comments on “Blue Nebula Instructional Videos

  1. Phill King says:

    I have technical problem with my Blue Nebula. Can you advise me?

  2. Phill Underhill says:

    Hi Phil
    I dont seem to have much of a decent echo sound on The Rise and Fall of Flingle Bunt.How can I enhance it or change it.I have sent a message to Mick at Stanley aswell.The rest of the tunes are fine.Thanks Phill

  3. guitarphil says:

    Just use the patch editing routine as explained in the ‘Patch Editing’ video above and in the User Manual.

    Regards, Phil.

  4. Raz says:

    Hi Phil, where can I buy Nebula?

    • guitarphil says:

      Hi Raz,

      Blue Nebula is available from Stanley FX.

      You need to join the Mailing List to get news of when the next batch is available. You will then be able to pre-order. The next batch will ship on or after March 6th.

      You could contact Mick at Stanley FX by using his Contact form



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