Monthly Archives: March 2017

Librarian User Guide in French

Guide de l’utilisateur Bibliothécaire en français

Many thanks to Michel Nogré for his hard work in translating the User Guide for the Blue Nebula Librarian into French. Michel is now enjoying a hard-earned rest on a beach in Barbados 🙂

Si vous souhaitez télécharger le nouveau guide, il est disponible sur la page ‘Latest Updates Here’ (“Dernières mises à jour ici”)


Manuel d’utilisation de la Blue Nebula

Now, thanks to the efforts of Michel Nogre, we have the Blue Nebula User Manual available in French – Manuel d’utilisation de la Blue Nebula.

The link to this and all the latest guides, software and firmware is, as always, in the Navigation bar above, under ‘Latest Updates Here’.

Michel will get to work on translating the Librarian Guide when he gets back from his holiday.

Manual de Usario Español por Blue Nebula

Many thanks to Pancho Diaz for translating the Blue Nebula User Manual into Spanish. Hopefully this will help the Spanish-speaking Blue Nebula owners to get the most out of their pedals. You can download the manual here or from the ‘Latest Updates Here’ link on the menu bar above.

Pancho is currently working on the Spanish translation of the Librarian User Guide so check back here soon for news of this.