Translating the MemBuilder User Manual

First off, thanks to Tonnie for his Dutch translation of the MemBuilder User Manual. Tonnie provided this translation quite a while back but due to my extended holiday over Christmas and the New Year I’m only getting around to uploading it now. As usual the links to all software and manuals are on the LATEST UPDATES HERE link in the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Earlier this week I got an email from Microsoft explaining a new document translation feature in Word for Office 365. With this I can translate a Word document into almost any language with a couple of clicks of the mouse!

After a wee bit of editing to ‘untranslate’ things like the names of buttons and changing la Nebulosa azul back to Blue Nebula for example, it seems to produce a fairly readable translation.

So, I’ve now ‘autotranslated’ the MemBuilder manual into French and Spanish and added these to the updates page.

I’d be interested to read any comments of my French and Spanish readers if this has turned out good enough to be useful. It’s certainly much less labour-intensive than translating a whole manual by hand!


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