New MemBuilder Effect Files

By popular request I’ve just uploaded two new effect files for use with my MemBuilder app.

  • Reverb / Tremolo is the standard effect pre-installed in MEM 2 slot 6
  • E-MATIC 1 F Spec is the ‘special’ version of the Meazzi Echomatic 1F based on the details supplied by Alan Jackson of the settings implemented at Abbey Road by Dick Denney and of a “FAST” speed setting. (See Appendices 1 & 3 in the Blue Nebula User Manual for more information). This is factory installed in Slot 5 of MEM 2.

These two effects complete the full set of eight MEM 2 effects as supplied with the Blue Nebula by StanleyFX and this will enable you to use MemBuilder to assemble your own MEM 2 set of effects, retaining any of the original ones you wish to keep and replacing others you don’t want with an alternative effect from the list here.



3 thoughts on “New MemBuilder Effect Files

  1. Rolf Holmberg

    Is the Reverb/Tremolo effect a rewritten Reverb/Vibrato effect or is it just a correction of the name?
    Regards, Rolf

    1. guitarphil Post author

      Hi Rolf, it’s the Reverb / Tremolo from Firmware V4 MEM 2 Slot 6. Someone requested it as they wanted to move some effects around. Reverb/Vibrato is a totally different effect, not included with the ‘standard’ Blue Nebula effects.

      I’m sure you know this but tremolo is a variation in volume and vibrato is a variation in pitch. In fact the ‘tremolo arm’ on the Stratocaster should be called a vibrato arm!

  2. UnKnowable

    Is there any way I can contact you by email, Phil. I’m having some strange problems (USB connectivity is very hit or miss) and may have hardware issues. I’d prefer to discuss it privately if possible.


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