MemBuilder Technical Document

I’ve just added a short ‘Technical Document’ to explain how to create your own ‘effect’ files for MemBuilder. You will need to be able to write Spin DSP code for your own effects and use the SpinASM IDE to compile that as a hex file. NB: If this is all gibberish to you then you don’t need this document and you won’t be able to do anything with it so please don’t ask me to explain how to write Spin code!

If you’ve got this far there is also a “Builder Header” file that you need to download so you can add your hex code to it. It’s all explained in the document 🙂

Both the Technical Document and the Builder Header file are available on the Latest Updates Here page (link in the menu bar above) – just scroll down until you see the MemBuilder section.



3 thoughts on “MemBuilder Technical Document

  1. UnKnowable

    Thanks for posting this, Phil. Whether I’ll ever find the time to actually churn out some Spin code or not is debatable, but at least I have a good starting point.


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