Librarian User Guide in French

Guide de l’utilisateur Bibliothécaire en français

Many thanks to Michel Nogré for his hard work in translating the User Guide for the Blue Nebula Librarian into French. Michel is now enjoying a hard-earned rest on a beach in Barbados 🙂

Si vous souhaitez télécharger le nouveau guide, il est disponible sur la page ‘Latest Updates Here’ (“Dernières mises à jour ici”)

Patch Editor/Beheerder Gebruikers Handleiding

Thanks to the hard work of Piet Verbruggen, there is now a version of the Blue Nebula Librarian User Guide in Dutch for our many Blue Nebula users from the Netherlands.

Piet’s work on the eTap2hw and Blue Nebula projects plus his work experience as a Technical Author was a big help in this undertaking which was certainly no easy job!

Thanks also to Piet’s wife Anny and to Tonnie Tijssen for proof reading.

You can download the pdf document here and, as always, all the latest documentation and software/firmware versions are available on the ‘Latest Updates Here’ page.

I’ve also updated the English version of the Librarian User Guide, mainly with some minor improvements to layout and a few corrections. Get it here.