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Blue Nebula Patch Database

In order to make it easier for Blue Nebula users to share their User Patches with others, I’ve set up a database on my Google Drive with a simple form that you complete and submit so the patch information is added to the database. The database itself is in the form of a spreadsheet that you can open to view the patches that users have submitted.

Important: By completing the form and submitting your patch data to the database you are consenting to have this information placed in the public domain.

To see the patches in the database click here

The fields you will find on the form (below) are:

  • Patch Name – usually the name of the tune which this patch is intended for (16 characters maximum)
  • The Effect Number – this is a drop-down list that you can use to choose from the BN’s 16 built-in effects
  • The parameter knob settings – P1, P2 and P3 (please use the 0-10 range for these)
  • Author’s Name – so you get the credit for your creation. Use a nickname/forum name if you prefer
  • An optional Comment field – leave it blank or add any additional information you wish.