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MIDI Switcher Pedal

Rolf Holmberg has added a neat MIDI switcher pedal to his eTap2hw ‘EchoTapper’ setup to allow him to change presets easily during a gig.

The Gecko MIDI Switcher pedal by One Control is a great solution for quickly switching between programs on midi devices. It has two modes of operation:

  • Manual mode – allows guitarists to scroll through midi programs one by one. Use the up or down switch to scroll through programs and once a desired program is reached, hit the select switch to choose the program.
  • Preset mode  – allows you to save 8 presets from 0-127 and scroll through those 8 only. This would probably be the most useful mode for us Echotappers as a carefully chosen set of 8 presets would cover most Shadows tunes in a ‘live’ situation.

Building the MIDI Shield

Building instructions for the MIDI + EEPROM Shield as used in my EchoTapper Valve Unit.

MIDI+EEPROM Shield Building Instructions (pdf)

Source for the protoshield pcb and stackable headers on eBay here