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Blue Nebula Instructional Videos

A few short videos I put together to show how to use the Blue Nebula and it’s Librarian software.

Blue Nebula

Start-up Options

Using the Manual Mode

Patch Editing

Librarian Features

Backing up and Restoring Patches

Arranging a Setlist


Firmware Update 3.30

These updates are like buses, none for ages then two come along at once! This one features a nice little improvement to the Manual Mode display suggested by Rolf Holmberg. It now shows the function of each of the three pots so you don’t need to remember what each one does. For anyone not familiar with the eTap2HW effects designed by Piet Verbruggen, the function of the three controls can vary depending on which echo model you have selected. Click on the ‘Latest Updates Here’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

The new display is shown in this quick little video I made. Video