Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How/Where can I buy a Blue Nebula pedal?

A. The Blue Nebula is hand-built by Stanley-FX in the Northeast of England. The pedal is only available to buy by pre-ordering through their Newsletter release. They are built in small batches and information on release dates for each batch is available by joining the mailing list on the home page of the Stanley-FX website.

Q. Can I build my own Blue Nebula pedal?

A. While we did consider making the pedal available as a DIY project, after due consideration of the complexity of the build and the amount of time it would take to support builders, we decided not to proceed with a DIY version. The ready-built, tested and guaranteed pedal is extremely good value for money 🙂

Q. What are the power supply requirements for the Blue Nebula?

A. Stanley-FX recommends a power supply that is 12v DC with 2.1mm CENTRE POSITIVE TIP. The current rating should be 500mA or above. Low-cost power supplies may lead to noise and unreliable operation.

Q. I tried to upload new DSP programs to my Blue Nebula. The effect names changed but the effects sound the same as before. What’s wrong?

A. When doing an Upload DSP operation you must have the 12V power supply connected to the Blue Nebula. If you only have the USB cable connected the display will seem to show the code is transferring and the effect names will update but the DSP memory chips need to have the pedal powered from the 12V supply. When the upload has completed don’t forget to disconnect the USB cable and disconnect the 12V power lead for 10-15 seconds to reboot the pedal so that the new effects are ready to use.

Q. Do you have a patch for <some tune or other>?

A. We have some user-contributed patches in our Patch Database. Click here to take a look at what’s available.

Q. I have some patches that I made. Can I share them?

A. Yes of course, we’d love to hear and share them with other Blue Nebula owners. Just click on the Patch Database link in the menu bar above and you can submit them for our other Blue Nebula owners to enjoy.

Q. I’m using the Librarian on a Mac and I can’t get it to connect with my Blue Nebula. Is there something wrong?

A. The most likely problem is that you didn’t install the required USB-Serial port driver for the CH340 chip that the Blue Nebula uses for USB and Serial communications. When you click on the Serial Port dropdown in the Librarian you should see an entry similar to /dev/cu.wchusbserial440 (you may see a different number on your Mac). If there is no entry like this then the driver is not installed.Screen-Shot-2017-08-11-at-22.52

Q. Where can I find the CH340 driver for Mac OS and how do I install it?

A. Click this link and download the .zip file, double-click on the downloaded file to unzip it then double-click the CH34x_Install_V1.4.pkg file and follow the instructions to complete the driver installation. Be sure to restart your computer after installing the new driver. If you have any problems check out the Readme.pdf file that is included in the zip folder.