Latest Updates Here

I will maintain the links on this page to the latest versions of my software and user guides and other documentation so you don’t need to go hunting through the site to make sure you’ve got the most recent version.

Version 4

Blue Nebula Firmware & Emulations

newThe Firmware, Librarian, MEM 1 and MEM 2 emulations code and User Manual for the new Version 4 release are now available. You can either download the complete package in one single zip file (~57MB) or download each item individually from the links below.

Version 4 Complete Package

Version 4 User Manual

Updated Librarian for V4 Emulations: Win64, Win32, MacOSX

New Emulations Code for MEM 1 and MEM 2

Firmware Version 4

Details of Improvements

This document (pdf) gives some details of the main improvements to the emulations of the various echo machines and the new models that have been added.

Extended User Patches

Includes almost 40 new patches for extra Shadows tunes, for example Dance On, The Rumble, Gonzales, Perfidia etc, several Binson Echorec patches and even a couple for David Gilmour fans. See the Excel Song Sheet for a list of all the patches.

NB: Before loading these new patches into your Blue Nebula we recommend that you make a backup of your own patches onto your computer.

  1. Song Sheet (Excel)
  2. Patch File – use the Librarian to upload this to your Blue Nebula

MemBuilder App

See this article for information about MemBuilder.

Mem Builder 1.0 for Windows 32 bit

Mem Builder 1.0 for Windows 64 bit

Mem Builder 1.0 for Mac OS X

MemBuilder User Manuals


Nederlands (Translation by Tonnie), Francais (Auto translation), Espanol (Auto translation)

newMemBuilder Technical Document

This short guide explains how to turn your own compiled SpinASM hex files into MemBuilder ‘effect’ files so you can use them with the MemBuilder app. If you don’t know how to produce a SpinASM hex file then this guide will be of no use to you 😉


The following links to a ‘Builder Header’ file that you can use as a starting point to create your effect file as explained in the Technical Document.

‘Builder Header’ file

Blue Nebula Version 3

Blue Nebula User Manuals

English Nederlands Español Francais

Blue Nebula Librarian User Guides

English Nederlands Español Francais

Blue Nebula Software & Firmware

Firmware (Version 3.02)

Librarian Software 4.04 for Windows 64 bit

Librarian Software 4.04 for Windows 32 bit

Librarian Software 4.04 for Mac OS X

Legacy Hardware

EchoTapper (eTap2HW)

Automation Firmware Version 3.30 (for Common Anode MONO LCDs) for your Arduino here

Automation Firmware Version 3.30 (for Common Anode RGB LCDs) for your Arduino here

It has come to my attention recently that there are some LCD display modules on sale that are ‘Common Cathode’ types (e.g. this one from SparkFun) , rather than the more common ‘Common Anode’ type. If you find your LCD display is very dark after you upload the code, then you probably have a common cathode LCD so  try this version which works for the common cathode type and gives the intended colours on an RGB display.

Firmware User Guide – here

Librarian Software 3.00 (Windows 32 bit) – here

Librarian Software 3.00 (Windows 64 bit) – here

Librarian Software 3.00 (Mac OS X) – here

Librarian User Guide – here


20 thoughts on “Latest Updates Here

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    1. guitarphil Post author

      Hi Claus,

      It seems that DropBox removed the access to the ‘Public’ folder so I will have to go through all the links and remake them. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for letting me know about the problem.

      I will post an update when I have these links fixed.


  8. Barry Gillam

    Good Morning, I have updated my Blue Nebula to V4 and since then I have inadvertently changed the settings on 2 of the patches. I’ve tried to update it again but it doesn’t change the patches. Is there a way I can reinstate the changed patches which are Apache and Atlantis.


    1. guitarphil Post author

      Hi Barry, you’ll need to do the factory reset (Initialise) procedure – see page 3 of the new User Manual. Alternatively, if you want to fix them by editing them, the settings are:

      Apache: E-MATIC 1 J Clas, P1 = 35, P2 = B, P3 = 0
      Atlantis: E-MATIC II Class, P1 = 23, P2 = 30, P3 = 51

      If you open the new Librarian app you can check any settings or, if you have the BN connected via USB cable, you can use it to send the patches to the BN using the ‘Send All Patches’ button.

      I’d recommend that you use the Librarian to regularly back up your BN as this will also save any patches that you may want to create yourself.

      Regards, Phil.

    1. guitarphil Post author

      Internally (in the file) the controls are called P0, P1 and P2 but the user sees them as the knob labels P1, P2 and P3.

      If you can hear the difference between P0 = 36 and P0 = 35 I’ll buy you a beer Tonnie! 😎

      Cheers, Phil.

  9. UnKnowable

    Any help with the problem of patches not saving when entered at the machine itself. I can create patches in the Library Editor, but if I try to save a patch at the unit itself it usually zeroes all the parameters.

    1. guitarphil Post author

      It sounds like you are pressing OK instead of Store. When editing a patch you only hit OK after you have selected the required effect (after scrolling up and down through the effect names). After that you must press Store not OK otherwise it won’t read the parameter knobs and will retain the original parameter values which in a new User Patch are set to zero by the Initialise (factory reset) procedure. This is deliberate as it’s way to avoid changing a patch by accident if you have accidentally hit Edit. See pages 5-6 of the V4 Firmware User Manual.


      1. UnKnowable

        I’ll give it a try.

        Any hope of getting a file for Reverb + Tremolo? I need to move some things around and can’t until I have that.

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