Broken Links

Due to a change made by DropBox, a number of the links on this site to user manuals and software have been broken. I am fixing these as quickly as possible so I would ask you to be patient while I do this.

Update: I’ve been through all the links and hopefully all have been fixed 🙂

If you find any other broken links please do post a comment below to let me know.


9 thoughts on “Broken Links

      1. guitarphil Post author

        It was decided not to make the Blue Nebula available as a kit or DIY project as it is a complex project and we don’t have the resources to support kit/DIY builders. I will delete those old links to avoid any further confusion.

        Thanks for your help.


      1. guitarphil Post author

        I’m not the DSP programmer but it seems reverbs are hard to do!
        Did you try either of the built-in reverbs (Reverb / Tremolo or Guitar Abbey Rev)?

      2. UnKnowable

        I’ve gotten close with the Abby reverb when cranked all the way. It’s good enough for me, but some die-hard Surf players want drip that is pretty strong. I’ll keep trying ideas.

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